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These Terms and Conditions comprise the agreement between Thesis Park (also referred to as ThesisPark or, the provider of the services, and the Customer, any person or institution that intends to buy products from ThesisPark.

The word product is used here to refer to any text written by or service rendered by ThesisPark as a result of the order placed by the Customer.



Thesis Park undertakes to supply a product that is made strictly to the guidelines submitted by the Customer.

The Customer undertakes to deliver clear and precise instructions according to which the product will be designed.

Should the instructions provided by the Customer and concerning the product be in any way imprecise, Thesis Park will not be held responsible for any misunderstanding that may result from this fact.

If the product is the text, these guidelines should describe both the content and the formal aspects of the text, such as the formatting or referencing system.

Should the Customer fail to send Thesis Park such guidelines, it is assumed that the Customer lets Thesis Park follow its regular guidelines or the guidelines of its choice.

All the requirements concerning the text must be supplied by the Customer before Thesis Park starts working on the text.

Thesis Park will not be held responsible for any inconveniences arising from the situation in which some important information concerning the shape of the text are delivered by the Customer after Thesis Park has started working on the text.

All the pieces of the text sent to the Customer prior to dispatching the final version will be treated as draft documents. This means that they may contain occasional surface faults, for example misspellings. All these errors will be eliminated when the text reaches its final version and is passed through a strict editing and proofreading process.

The Customer undertakes to review the text or a part of the text to ensure accuracy and adherence to the specifications of the Customer's academic institution and to let Thesis Park know if any inaccuracies have been found within 7 days from receiving the text or a part of the text, or within 14 days from receiving the final version of the complete text.

If not otherwise stated, Thesis Park may use any sources that it considers appropriate for the completion of the order, such as books, journal articles, television broadcasts, or online publications.

The Customer has the right to instruct Thesis Park to use some selected categories of sources only, or to use the sources provided by the Customer. Such instructions must be received by Thesis Park before the start of the contract.

All the texts delivered by Thesis Park will be original, unique, and free from plagiarism.


Plagiarism Free Guarantee

The term plagiarism is meant here to denote the unauthorised use of the words of another author and presenting these words as one's own words.

Thesis Park assures the Customer that all the texts written by the service are 100 per cent free from plagiarism.

Any quotations and references to outside sources will be well marked and provided with the referencing details including the full name of the original author (or authors), the title of the publication, the year and place of publication, the publisher's name and the page to which the reference is being made.

Thesis Park will not cut and paste materials from internet sources except when making a genuine reference.

Thesis Park will seek to make references to print materials (books or articles from academic magazines) rather than to internet sources whenever possible and appropriate, and if not otherwise instructed by the Customer.

This Plagiarism Free Guarantee does not concern the text or a part of the text written by the Customer.


Quality of the Product

Thesis Park always aims at supplying only high quality products.

The high quality of the text refers to both its form and content.

The Customer may order the text with the Quality Guarantee.

The terms of the Quality Guarantee are described later in these Terms and Conditions.

If the Customer does not order the Quality Guarantee with the text, it is assumed that the Customer has ordered the text of the quality that meets basic requirements and may be estimated as satisfactory by the general academic standards.


Superior Quality Guarantee

The Customer may order the text with the Quality Guarantee.

The Quality Guarantee entails that the final version of the text will meet some set academic quality standards, for example those for A or B grades, 2:1 or 1st Class standard.

The Quality Guarantee is an extra service and requires an extra fee, subject to negotiations between Thesis Park and the Customer.


Free Revision Policy

If the Customer discovers that the product or a part of the product does not meet their expectations, they may ask Thesis Park to revise the product according to some clearly laid out guidelines.

Thesis Park agrees to revise the product without any further charges provided the request for the revision is issued by the Customer within a fortnight from receiving the final version of the product or within 7 days from receiving the part of the product that is in question.

The Customer agrees to submit no more than one detailed revision request at every stage. This means that Thesis Park may, at its exclusive discretion, charge the Customer for any subsequent amendment requests.

The request to revise the text must contain a detailed description of what needs to be done and why.

Thesis Park reserves the right to decline the request for the revision of the product if the Customer fails to provide reasonable arguments.

This Free Revision Policy does not include the parts of the text that have been accepted by the Customer, either in a form of a written confirmation, or by making the subsequent payment.

Payment and Delivery of the Product

The Customer may pay for the product in instalments.

The exact amounts due as instalments will be individually negotiated.

The first part of the product (e.g. the first part of the text) will be supplied after the Customer has paid in the first instalment.

The deadline for the delivery of each part of the product will be negotiated between the Customer and Thesis Park.

After the delivery of each part of the product the Customer will evaluate the product and check if it meets their expectations.

The Customer will provide Thesis Park with comments regarding the product or the received part of the product.

Thesis Park will revise the part of the product if the Customer wishes so and if the claim seems reasonable (The Free Revision Policy provisions apply here).

The Customer will pay in the next instalment after they have examined the product and accepted its quality.

If the product is a text, it will be delivered to the Customer through email or the Customer will be given access to the online location in which the text will be ready for downloading.

Thesis Park will not be held liable for the late delivery resulting from technical issues that are beyond its control or occur without its fault, such as the server breakdown, lack of internet access, or faulty spam filters on the part of the Customer.



The price of the product is always negotiated between Thesis Park and the Customer.

Thesis Park estimates the price of the product taking into consideration all the information supplied by the Customer.

If the Customer fails to submit some vital information affecting the price of the product, Thesis Park may renegotiate the price of the product after the new information comes to its attention.

The price of textual products is expressed in British pound per page or for 250 words.

A page is defined as 250 words, regardless of formatting style.

The price of advisory services is usually given in British pounds per hour and depends on the time spent by the advisor on gathering materials and communicating with the Customer.


Privacy Policy

Thesis Park is committed to protect the privacy of the Customer and undertakes not to sell or disclose any personal information about the Customer to third parties unless required to do so by law or in connection with a legal claim.

All the information supplied by the Customer will be used exclusively to process the order.

Thesis Park encourages the Customer to help keep the Customer's profile confidential by not including in the communication with Thesis Park any personal information that is not needed for the completion of the order, such as telephone number or billing details.

Thesis Park will not send the Customer any promotional or marketing materials unless the Customer explicitly asks for such materials.


Textual Communication Policy

The Textual Communication Policy is a part of the Privacy Policy developed by Thesis Park. In order to keep the personal details of the Customer confidential, Thesis Park prefers textual forms of communisation (such as emailing, chatting, or the use of online messaging systems) over more direct forms of contact, such as the telephone.


Copyright Issues and Terms of the Use of the Product

Thesis Park is the owner of all the copyrights to its products.

The Customer who paid for the text is granted the right to use the text according to their wishes, with the limitation described below.

The product will be used by the Customers purely for referential purposes or as a help in further research.

Especially all academic texts written by Thesis Park are meant to serve as a reference (for example, the model texts of the thesis) and remain the intellectual property of Thesis Park.

The Customer will use both the product supplied by and service provided by Thesis Park in accordance with the regulations issued by their academic institution and within the limits of the existing legal regulations, especially the copyright laws.

Thesis Park will not be held responsible for the Customer's use of the text that violates either this contract, or any existing regulations or laws.


Termination of Order

Thesis Park reserves the right to cancel any order without stating the reason. In such a case the Customer will be entitled to a refund for the part of the product that has been paid for but has not been delivered to the Customer.

Thesis Park reserves the right to cancel any paid or unpaid order without offering a refund if there are significant reasons to believe that the Customer is engaged in some fraudulent activities and that the product ordered by the Customer is in any way connected with such activities.

Thesis Park may also terminate an order if the Customer fails to communicate with Thesis Park for a considerable period of time.

General Provisions

These Terms and Conditions and the agreement between Thesis Park and the Customer shall be governed by the laws of the place where Thesis Park holds its principal place of business, which is the United Kingdom at the present moment.

Any legal action or other judicial proceeding intended as the enforcement of the provisions contained in these Terms and Conditions will be carried out under the competent jurisdiction of the place where Thesis Park holds its principal place of business.

Should any term, provision, or part of these Terms and Conditions be pronounced as illegal by the court or in conflict with the legislation of the state where made, the validity of the remaining provisions or parts shall not be affected.

These Terms and Conditions are not intended to be enforceable by any third party as provided by the Contracts (Rights of Third Parties) Act 1999.

Thesis Park reserves the right to introduce changes to these Terms and Conditions, and the Customer undertakes to visit regularly this section of the website to keep updated.


"Terms and Conditions" last updated on May 13, 2013