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Original Text

You may find that our prices for writing the original text are not the lowest on the net. This is because we deliver only original texts with the 100 per cent plagiarism free guarantee. We never simply cut and paste materials from internet sources as many other companies do. Instead, we do our best to come up with fresh, innovating ideas that are developed throughout the text. When researching for your thesis, we tend to use only the most reliable sources, like books published by a recognised publisher or academic press and articles form academic journals, and we always provide appropriate referencing details when referring to someone else's test. We aim at the best quality of the text, both in terms of its content and linguistic form. We use fluent academic English and we always make sure that all the major points of the thesis are laid out clearly.

Our prices may not the lowest; they are, however, most competitive. We do our best to offer you the best value for your money. We deliver exactly what you are looking for the price that is simply reasonable. We understand that you want your thesis to be excellent and we hope that you do not expect us to work for free.

Our pricing policy is based on four major factors: (1) the topic, (2) the deadline, (3) the level of difficulty, and (4) the additional requirements. We write only on the topics we are experts on. However, some topics may be of more interest to us than other topics (go to Our Interests to find out more about our interests). We use the following rule when pricing our original texts: the more interesting the assignment, the lower the price. The price also depends on how much time we may have to complete the project. The more urgent your order is, the higher the price. When pricing the order, we try to estimate the overall level of difficulty that should be involved (for example, how much research will have to be done). Difficult tasks need more attention and this is usually reflected by the price. You may also have some additional requirements that may influence the price (for example, some customers need to have a full  access to all the sources used when writing the text and want us to send them a copy of every page of any sourcebook we refer to). You may have noticed so far that pricing the project may be a hard task. It is indeed a complex issue and every order is considered individually. There are usually some important questions we have to ask you before quoting the right price. If you would like to have some general idea about our prices, however, we may say that the prices for the theses that are on the topic that is well within our area of immediate interest (see Our Interests), with flexible deadline and low or mediocre level of difficulty, and with no extra requirements, start at £13 per page. On the other end of the continuum, if your order is seen by us as difficult, requiring extra research, having a very tight deadline, or simply not very interesting, you may expect the price in the region of 20-25 pounds per page.

Please note that our prices have no hidden costs. You should always know the price for the entire order before paying in the first instalment. If you would like to get the quote for your order, please write to us now, using Submission Form. If not otherwise stated, a 'page' is 250 words. This corresponds roughly to the academic formatting standard of the 12 Times New Roman with double spacing. To figure out the exact page count of your text, divide your word count by 250.

Please include any details that you may find important and do not forget about the following:

1)     Your academic area of research (e.g. Literature or Linguistics)

2)     Your topic

3)     Type of work (e.g. MA or BA Thesis)

4)     Estimated total number of pages or words

5)     Deadline for the first part

6)     Deadline for the completed text

7)     Your preferred system of formatting, if any (e.g. APA, Harward, or MLA)

8)     Any additional requirements


Out translation prices start at £10 per page. Please send us some details concerning the text you would like us to translate for a more precise quote.

Editing and Proofreading

Our proofreading services start at £2 per page, depending on the estimated level of difficulty. Editing is usually more costly than proofreading, but we have to see at least a part of the text before being able to offer a more precise quote.