Thesis, Dissertation, Essay Writing and Advise

Our areas of interest include the following fields and subfields of academic discourse:

Literature: British Literature, Irish Literature, American Literature, World Literature. Novels, short stories, essays. Comics Studies and Graphic Novel. Our favourite authors include: Jane Austen, Paul Auster, John Banville, John Barth, Donald Barthelme, Samuel Beckett, Jorge Luis Borges, Richard Brautigan, Agatha Christie, Don DeLillo, Charles Dickens, Henry Fielding, John Fowles, Graham Greene, Ernest Hemingway, James Joyce, D.H. Lawrence, Alberto Moravia, Orhan Pamuk, Marcel Proust, Raymond Queneau, Ayn Rand, Art Spiegelman, Rabindranath Tagore, Leo Tolstoy, Kurt Vonnegut.

Linguistics: Conceptual Metaphor Theory, Conceptual Blending Theory, CDA (Critical Discourse Analysis).

Teaching: The use of computers and authentic materials in English language teaching (TEFL); unconventional methods and approaches to TEFL, such as Suggestopaedia; the role of creating writing in TEFL.

Translation Studies: Comparative Translation Studies, Film Translation, Translation of Modern Literature.

Film Studies: all areas. Our favourite directors include the following names: Pedro Almodóvar, Wes Anderson, John Cassavetes, Francis Ford Coppola, David Fincher, Alfred Hitchcock, Jim Jarmusch, Alejandro Jodorowsky, Abbas Kiarostami, Kim Ki-duk, Harmony Korine, Akira Kurosawa, David Lynch, Steve McQueen, Deepa Mehta, Mira Nair, Chan-wook Park, Sally Potter, Satyajit Ray, Gus van Sant, Takashi Miike, John Waters, Wim Wenders.

Business Studies: Marketing, Market Research, Management, Economy.

Philosophy: Modern Philosophy, e.g. John Rogers Searle.

Culture: Various cultural aspects of the English-speaking countries. Feminism and Ethnic Issues. Colonial and Postcolonial Studies, from Conrad's Heart of Darkness to Edward Said's Culture and Imperialism.

History: British History, American History, Irish History.

Interdisciplinary Areas of Study, such as the application of the Conceptual Blending Theory to the study of graphic novels.

Besides that, we are interested in all forms of creative writing.

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