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Just to give you a better idea about the range of our services, some of the most typical inquiry letters from our customers are quoted here. Please note that all the letters are published with the consent from their authors. We never publish any material that has been sent to us by you unless you give us a written permission to do so. For further details on that matter you may go to Confidentiality section.

"I started to write my thesis in American literature. The subject is the literature of Toni Morrison and the issue of ethnic identity. I am a devoted reader of Morrison's output and I had always thought that it would be easy to write a good dissertation about her novels. When I started writing, however, I experienced what novelists call a writer's block. I got stuck somewhere in two thirds of my first chapter and couldn't break the block. I am well past all my possible deadlines. I also wrote some parts of the second and third chapters. Do you think you can help me? Finish what I have started? The problem is that my thesis is not MA, it is a PHD thesis. Do you do doctoral theses too?" MrRetsim, Cornwall, UK.

"I've been working on my thesis on the image of women in the novels of FS Fitzgerald for the last two years. I've got two chapters almost ready, they need some revising, though. There are two more chapters to be written. The final version of the thesis is due in a fortnight. I know this is a very short notice but I realised that too late. Will you be able to supply the rest of the text in two weeks time?" Vega69, Scotland.

"I have just finished working on my master's thesis project. The research focuses on the analysis of a certain graphic novel (comics) from the point of view of conceptual metaphor and conceptual blending theory. When I submitted the first two chapters, which were on theory, my advisor said they were OK. However, when I finished writing the third chapter and gave it to my advisor, she says that this is all completely wrong and that I have no idea what the analysis should look like. She told me to present a revised text in 10 days and offered no guidelines. So I decided to seek help elsewhere and found your dissertation writing service. Please tell me if you think you might help me." SusanSus, Berlin.

"My advisor gave me the topic for my dissertation. The problem is that I do not know anything about the this subject and I don't like it. Anyway, I have to either deal with it, or change my advisor. Could you help me with the first option? The thesis should investigate the way the image of Afro-Americans is created by the media in America, with the special attention being paid to Black models in print advertisements." Alexa NN, Quebec.

"I am about to start writing my thesis in linguistics. The problem is that I have no idea what to write about. And I need an outline of the thesis plus research proposal for tomorrow. This is why I decided to contact you. My friend used your services about two years ago and she was satisfied. She says you proposed the right topic, wrote the outline, and then the text. Can you do the same for me?" FarquarLy, Croatia.

"I urgently need a custom dissertation. I am an MBA student and the topic of my dissertation is concerned with the prospects for the development of Spanish tourism industry in the nearest future. My dissertation should be about 30,000 words long and the deadline is in two weeks. Please tell me if you will be able to assist me and how much it would cost?" Pia777, Prague.

"I started to write my research proposal but I cannot see what my hypothesis should be. My advisor does not want to help me with this. This is why I turned to you. What can you offer?" Mirindilina, Poland.

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